An international group of river ecologists explore stream ecology. Provides a personal window through which to view rivers, ecology, and conservation. Subsidized cost for classroom use.

Information/research sites:

Green Teacher

Green Teacher is a magazine that helps youth educators enhance environmental and global education inside and outside of schools.
Fifty pages of ideas and activities, four times a year.

World Fisheries Trust

World Fisheries Trust Environmental Education and Awareness Program – sea aquaria, watershed models. Aims to change attitudes by explaining how the environment functions and how people fit in. Our projects give youth the power to make positive changes through daily choices and attitudes.

Student activities/lesson plans - oceans:

Discovery of Sound in the Sea

Discovering sound in the sea. Excellent resource, good hands-on and lots of media for download.

NOAA's Ocean Service Education

Ocean based inquiry based lesson Plans, case studies, incorportating audio, video and animation.

NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries

K-23 marine education lesson plans from National Marine Sactuary Program in the US and the National Geographic Society. “Oceans for Life” highlights cutting-edge research, maritime heritage, cultural resources and enrionment issues in US marine sanctuaries.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Bamfield Marine Station education site for teachers, activities, lessonplans, resources, youth forums, ask a scientist, students in action and more.

Ocean Link

sites for teachers and marine educators focussing on the ocean

Student activities/lesson plans - environment:

Fish Wizard

Fresh Water Fisheries Society of BC
Use Fish Wizard to create maps, view reports and find the most recent information about British Columbia's lakes, rivers and streams.

Invasives in the Classroom

A practical teacher’s guide of resources that offers a great selection of learning units, background information, videos, and activities to teach students about invasive species. The learning units are designed to compliment the Grade 4 Life Sciences Integrated Resource Plans for BC.


A local Prince George initiative, lead by Erich Franz, school teacher, avid fly fisherman and project co-ordinator. This site is meant to help children in grades 5 to 7 learn more about their environment. It has been designed as a web-based tool so that it is accessible to a wide array of children. This project is designed to fit within the BC School Curriculum and touches on a broad number of skills identified in the curriculum outline.


US Environmental Protection Agency
Online recycling activity, with interactive scavanger hunt, suggestions for classroom use.

Run, Salmon, Run

Bobs and Lolo sing “Run Salmon Run"

Population Education

Secondary school resources “Earth Matters: Studies for Our Global Future” offers the second edition free for downloading. Units include Population Dynamics, Climate Change, Water Resources and more.

Facing the Future

Western Washington University
Engaging Students through Global Issues: (Learning resources are pdf's at a reasonable cost)